New Internal Candidate Application Process

Managing Internal Candidates in Hirebridge Recruiter has never been easier with the rich suite of new features now available.
Employees can now go to your Career Center or Intranet site and request a transfer online.  They apply in a new streamlined process, which collects current position and manager data for you.

A new feature in the Job Requisition area allows you to select a screening question set that will only be presented to your internal candidates.

As before, internal candidates are marked with the yellow star icon in the Indicators section.


  • Internal candidates browse your Career Center or Intranet site to find a new position.
  • Upon clicking the Apply To This Job/Submit Profile button, the normal login page appears.  A new choice appears above the Employee and Vendor Referral links, entitled Existing Employee Seeking Internal Transfer.
  • Internal Candidates follow the link provided
  • The candidate will enter their email address and password to log in to their profile or create one, just as an external candidate would.
  • Next, the contact information form appears, and functions the same as an external candidate submission.
  • The Internal Candidate can now upload their resume, copy & paste it into the box, or use the resume builder wizard.
  • The resume is extracted into a new short application form.  The candidate must specify their current position and manager.
  • If you have assigned an Internal Candidate Screening Question Set, those questions appear next.
  • The candidate now signs the standard digital waiver form.



  • When creating or editing a job requisition, a new drop down menu will appear in the right hand column, entitled Intranet Question Set.
  • Use the drop down menu to select from the list of available question sets.
  • Note:  Use the Question Set Manager in your Administration area to create screening question sets specifically for your internal candidates.
  • Remember to click SAVE to complete the process.

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